As a neighbourhood restaurant, we directly engage with our community through collaborations with local businesses and services.

The Wayside Chapel

With pastor Graham Long at its helm, The Wayside Chapel provides unconditional love, care and support for people on and around the streets of Kings Cross. High up on the roof is a garden filled with over 50 different varieties of organic fruit, herbs and vegetables. With two rainwater tanks, solar panels, two worm farms, a compost system and a beehive, the garden features the latest in sustainable design and architecture. Kylie Kwong is proud to be food ambassador for The Wayside Chapel, and Billy Kwong hokkien noodles are served weekly in their canteen.

Urban Beehive

Doug Purdie of Urban Beehive has installed beehives in backyards, community gardens and on rooftops across Sydney, including the hive at The Wayside Chapel that supplies us with our rooftop honey. With his partner Vicky Brown, Doug is on a mission to put beehives all over the city to boost natural pollination and help maintain the genetic diversity of our honeybees before it’s too late.

St Canice Parish

We source several varieties of greens and herbs from the rooftop kitchen garden at St Canice Parish in Elizabeth Bay, an initiative of parishioner Rob Caslick. With the support of Father Chris Jenkins and an incredibly successful crowd-funding campaign, the garden offers asylum seekers and the homeless a place of refuge and the opportunity to participate in something meaningful. Produce from the kitchen garden has helped to make the canteen the beating heart of St Canice’s, and one day each week Billy Kwong hokkien noodles are on the menu there.

Steve ‘Pav’ Pavlovic

Renowned music producer and promoter Steve Pavlovic, of Modular Records, is curating our nightly playlists. Fourteen years ago, it was a pile of jazz CDs from Steve that helped to set the mood at Billy Kwong in Surry Hills, where he was a regular from day one. Curator of VIVID LIVE in 2011 (The Cure, Sonny Rollins, Chris Cunningham) and with a track record of uncovering young left-field performers, his signings range from The Avalanches to Tame Impala and everything in between. Pav’s Billy Kwong playlists feature up-and-coming contemporary artists alongside classic jazz, funk, soul and reggae numbers.


We will be returning to Carriageworks Farmers Market soon. Carriagworks Farmers Market takes place every Saturday, 8am to 1pm. Upon our return the Billy Kwong stall will be brimming with buns, dumplings and pancakes so be sure to stop by! 


From the Billy Kwong stall at Carriageworks Farmers Market, we’ve watched Carriageworks go from strength to strength. A ground-breaking cultural space in urban Sydney, Carriageworks is the venue for an inspiring and ever-expanding range of events and exhibits. Kylie is proud to be an ambassador for their exciting 2018 program.

Friends and suppliers

We rely on many communities to bring us the beautiful produce we work with. Thank you to all our suppliers and friends:

The Wayside Chapel – rooftop garden Urban Beehive honey

Students of St Vincent’s College – lemons

Woolloomooloo Community Garden – wild weeds, Vietnamese mint

Plunkett Street Public School – lemongrass, warrigal greens, nasturtiums

Rushcutters Bay Preschool – round-leaf mint, coriander

St Canice Parish – rooftop garden wild weeds, warrigal greens, dill, coriander, sweet Thai basil

Organic farmers of Carriageworks Farmers Market, including Kurrawong Organics

Wholefoods House – fruit & vegetables

Rainforest Foods – organic Australian native bush foods

Darling Mills – micro-herbs

Nicholson & Saville – olives & Murray River salt

Jang’s – organic wonton skins & noodles

Burrawong Gaian – free-range ducks

Feather & Bone – free range pork, organic & biodynamic beef

Christie’s – line-caught, sustainable seafood

Dessertmakers – pannacotta, mousse & ice cream

Wholegrain Milling – organic & biodynamic bespoke flour blends

Skye Blackburn – edible insects

Outback Pride – organic native Australian bush foods

Patrice Newell – biodynamic garlic

Nolans Road – organic extra virgin olive oil

Barossa Farm Produce – free-range poultry & pork

Table 181 – dried kombu & biodynamic sesame oil

Mark Eather – line-caught, sustainable seafood

Flinders Island Meat Company – pasture-fed wallaby

Spiral Foods – organic tamari, brown rice vinegar & shiro shoyu

Saskia Havekes – balcony garden design

Richard Unsworth of Garden Life – balcony garden design

Tracey Deep – floral art

Artbank - art installation